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Banniere Food 1
At the Blue Turtle Hotel, we have decided to make it simple.

Obviously, if you are travelling in Sri Lanka, you are not here to eat exactly what you eat when you are at home or at work. You are here to discover the country and it also includes its local food.
Thus having food at the Blue Turtle Hotel is necessarily rhyming with experiencing the Sri Lankan tasty cuisine.

Most of the time, when you arrive at the Blue Turtle Hotel, you are halfway of your Sri Lankan trip.
You already tasted a lot of local specialties but your taste buds might be asking for some Western meals. Yes, Rice & Curries are awesome but Spaghetti Bolognese or a juicy piece of chicken from the BBQ are awesome too !
And this is why we have created a menu offering an alternative. Of course, you will have a choice among Sri Lankan classics but also among Western meals which will help you in case of homesickness, for example.

Last but not least; are vacations really vacations without at least one BBQ dinner in an open restaurant in the middle of the jungle? Definitely not, but guess what? We have decided to focus on a full "BBQ/à la plancha" dinner to make your holidays perfect!


Banniere Food 2

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119/2 Tikiriwewa, Mahasenpura
(Sri Lanka)

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