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It is always pleasure to know that we are remembered from our guests all around the world, so h
ere is a short selection of articles talking about the Blue Turtle Hotel:

Mila's Pearlspotting travel and lifestyle blog and her Facebook page: Pearlspotting

Tong et Sri Lanka travel blog and her Instagram: @tongsetsrilanka

Manasvi's article on Popoxo and her Instagram: @manasvijaitly

Anne-Sophie's Lovely Lovely Trends healthy blog and her Instagram: @lovelylovelytrends

Becky's Treasured Travels travel blog and her Instagram: @treasuredtravel

Marion's Marayon lifestyle blog  and her Instagram: @marayon_blog

Cat and Joe's Walkmyworld travel blog and their Instagram: @jolyonbird and @kittycatuk

Andrew's Travel blog

Andrew's article on The Pearl

Misha and Martin's Breaking Barriers travel blog and their Instagram: @breakingbarriersonline

Steen's Steenjak travel blog

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119/2 Tikiriwewa, Mahasenpura
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