119/2, Tikiriwewa, Mahasenpura - Tissamaharama (Sri Lanka)

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Based in the middle of the luxurious vegetation of Tissa and only few kilometers from the Yala National Park, the Blue Turtle Hotel has been created to satisfy the type of travelers seeking for peace and serenity.

Unlike many other hotels with plenty of rooms, the Blue Turtle Hotel has only 16 rooms in order to limit the number of maximum guests at the same time.

Four two-storey cottages with balconies overlooking the infinity pool placed in the center of an amazing garden which also accommodates turtles, peacocks, monkeys, squirrels, lizards and a lot of bird species.
A restaurant on the second floor of the main building will offer you various choices between Sri Lankan & Western food and a bar on the ground floor, just in front of the pool, is available to quench your thirst.

  •  Safaris


    SAFARIS  If you are coming to the Blue Turtle Hotel in Tissa, one thing almost sure is that you are willing to enjoy a wildlife trip in one of the National Parks of the area.The Blue Turtle Hotel is...

  • Our food

    Our food

    At the Blue Turtle Hotel, we have decided to make it simple. Obviously, if you are travelling in Sri Lanka, you are not here to eat exactly what you eat when you are at home or at work. You are here to...

  • Transportation


    TRANSPORTATION     If you do not have a driver taking care of your transportation, we can arrange your transfer to the hotel or to any other places in Sri Lanka very easily.We work with serious and...



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119/2 Tikiriwewa, Mahasenpura
(Sri Lanka)

Landline: +94 472 238 263
Mobile: +94 775 486 836
email: contact@blueturtlehotel.com