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adress Kataragama Road (119/2 Tikiriwewa, Mahasenpura), 82600 Tissamaharama


phone +94 472 238 263 //+94 472 238 261 //+94 775 486 836

How to find us

Tissa town to Blue Turtle Hotel : 3 km.
Tissa lake to Blue Turtle Hotel : 1.5 km.

From the Tissa lake, take the road to Kataragama.

1. Just after leaving the lake, you will pass the Ekho Safari Hotel which will be on your left side.
2. Continue straight for 500 meters and you will pass the Refresh Seafood restaurant which will be on your right side.
3. Continue straight for another 500 meters and you will pass the Kithala Hotel on your right side.
4. After the Kithala Hotel continue for 300 meters and turn left.
5. Continue on the dirt road for another 200 meters and you are here !

Please check the map below :