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The French savoir-faire

The Blue Turtle Hotel is a mix between the Sri lankan Happiness & the French "savoir-faire".

It is run by W.H. Fernando who spent more than 35 years in France.
With 25+ years experience as a cook then as the owner of two restaurants in Paris, Mr. Fernando’s new challenge was to import his French savoir faire and share it to its guests by adding the Sri Lankan happiness.

One thing we believe at the Blue Turtle Hotel is that you are not only looking for a nice place –which is quite easy to find in Sri Lanka- but you are also looking for a place in which you will feel at home. Because, most of the time, you will visit the coasts or the center of Sri Lanka before reaching us. We are literally in the middle of your trip and this is why it is very important for you to find a place where you can relax, where you can recharge your battery before starting the rest of your journey.
With this in mind, we have designed the rooms, the garden and our food menus.

The Blue Turtle Hotel main goal is to offer you a memorable stay which will make you want to come back again.

Facts about the Blue Turtle Hotel

The Blue Turtle Hotel has opened its doors on January 2015.

In an area of one hectare, four two-storey cottages with balconies overlooking the infinity pool are placed in the center of an amazing garden which also accommodates turtles, peacocks, monkeys, squirrels, lizards and a lot of bird species.

Apart from the cottages, a restaurant on the second floor of the main building will offer you various choices between Sri Lankan & Western food and a bar on the ground floor, just in front of the pool, is available to quench your thirst.

Everything has been built to offer you as much space as possible :

- A 1200 sqm ground floor main building with a 610 sqm open lobby
- A high floor restaurant with a 1400 sqm terrace
- A 25mx10m infinity pool with a jacuzzi and a kids' pool.
- A tropical garden of almost one hectare

Also, when the sun is down, the optic fibers inlayed in the bottom of the pool will offer you a wonderful star-like spectacle. 



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Our food

Our food

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